Customer Feedback and Marketing Research Services

We can design and implement almost any survey type.


Customer feedback / loyalty surveys

Our customer feedback / loyalty surveys are intended to provide businesses with insightful customer feedback while allowing for reward fulfillment. This service ensures businesses identify specific areas of customer interaction that need improvement, or allow for customer feedback regarding the effectiveness of potential or current products, services, or advertising campaigns. In addition to gaining customer insight or identifying new marketing strategies, maintaining existing consumer relationships can be less expensive and more productive than finding new customer. A customer loyalty survey can be a great way to better understand your current customer needs and assess their ongoing relationship with your business.

Although you may currently use comment cards in hopes of measuring customer feedback, comment cards are not effective! In general, comment cards only target customers who had a bad experience, and without any incentive to provide feedback, these customers typically will not complete. Additionally, comment cards require a system to collect, analyze, and generalize feedback to all customers. Read more about the cons of comment cards here. Our customer feedback survey services are web-based, can be designed to reward customer comments, and are analyzed on a monthly or quarterly basis to provide a more objective and realistic perspective on your products or services.

SRC has a variety of questions specific to customer feedback. Additionally, SRC can customize the look of any survey to match your business, including your business colors or web logo. Let SRC create an example survey exclusive to your business.

Customer feedback / loyalty surveys are perfect for:


Hospitality Agencies
Clerical Services
Security Companies
Golf Courses
Salon / Spa
Advertising / Sales
Auto Services

Online marketing research

SRC marketing surveys gather feedback from a random national sample for the purposes of assessing independent opinions about current products or services. Our marketing research surveys can also help an organization identify new opportunities for growth and marketing strategies. SRC provides incentive-based participation through prize giveaways in order to increase participation in these surveys. In sum, SRC marketing surveys provide a cost-effective method of gathering unbiased advice from potential customers.

Job / Employee satisfaction surveys

SRC recognizes the importance for organizations to recruit and retain good employees. By utilizing our job / employee satisfaction surveys, an organization can gain a clear picture of employee opinions and attitudes toward their occupational environment. We can guarantee employee confidentiality by requiring a unique login name and password combination, ensuring employees give their most honest responses.

Examples of job / employee satisfaction assessments include:


  • Job satisfaction  – “I feel satisfaction from my job”; “I am motivated to perform to the best of my abilities”
  • Coworker / Supervision satisfaction – “My coworkers are motivated to improve the company’s performance”; “I prefer working in a team rather than working alone”
  • Company mission acknowledgement – “I am familiar with the mission of this company”; “I agree with the mission of this company”
  • Work environment – “This company is a great place to work”; “This company shows that it cares about its employees”
  • Compensation and career development – “My pay represents fair compensation for the work I do”; “I receive the training needed to perform my duties”

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