How Our Services Work

Arrange a consultation with one of our trained, professional consultants to discuss your research needs and objectives.

  • Based on your survey needs, a specific survey will be created. We can even host on the web for you.
  • Already have data? We can conduct the appropriate statistical analysis you desire.
  • Data will analyzed and an executive report detailing the results will be provided, complete with tables and charts as applicable.
  • A follow-up consultation can be scheduled to review your results and discuss a best-practices approach to implement report findings.


We understand that confidentiality and privacy are paramount. Your data will never be sold, and we will not release the names of companies we are working with.


Generally we work on a per-project basis rather than an hourly rate. This ensures no hidden fees will be passed on to you, and you can be confident in your budgeting.

Student discounts are available. Remember, the cost of professional services are much cheaper than the money, time, and stress of not graduating on time or projects left incomplete due to cheap or inexperienced statisticians. For larger projects, we may require a pre-paid, non-refundable deposit (deposit rates vary – generally 50%) be made prior to beginning any work.

We can provide a quote free of charge regarding your project. To ensure we quote accurately, use the contact form to describe your project. Also, we will ask for a copy of your data (excel or SPSS format preferred), all surveys or instruments from which data was gathered, and study methodology chapter with hypotheses (if applicable).

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