About Us

SRC was founded in 2011 by Dr. Adam Smith and serves local, national, and international clients. SRC clients include companies both in the public and private sector across a diverse spectrum of industries and target audiences who seek to increase the profitability and sustainability of their products and services. We also serve individuals seeking help with statistical  analysis, thesis, or dissertation work.

SRC provides client-centered statistical analysis and research consulting services. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective, high quality, timely service representing our client-specific needs. SRC has the expertise to complete any survey administration or statistical analysis project.

Benefits using SRC

  • We maintain confidentiality of data with both the respondent and our corporate partners- we never sell  information to third parties.
  • Piece of mind knowing your work is completed by Ph.D. level experts in survey design, data collection, and statistical analysis.
  • Unbiased, objective client-centered analysis.
  • Our survey administration services allows your consumer to respond without the hassle of postage and mailing while allowing you to focus on other operations of your business. We collect, manage, and analyze the data.
  • Timely turn-around.

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